Thursday, June 3, 2010

Safe at Home

One of my neighbors stopped by this evening and asked if he could help himself to the wood chips in my front yard. Anxious to have someone help take them off my hands I even offered to help wheel them down the street.

So why the pile of wood chips? My favorite maple tree in the front of my house fell during a wind storm a couple of weeks ago. I had the rest taken out and only a pile of wood chips now remains. I've spread them in the flower beds, in part of the garden out back, refilled the big hole that had been left with some dirt and now looking for creative uses for the rest.

My before view

The aftermath - before cutting the rest of it down and starting cleanup

The view from my front window now

And as friends have said, such 'wonderful curb appeal now.'

And now for the rest of the story.....

My neighbor who stopped to asked for the wood chips had passed under my 40' maple tree about 2 minutes before it fell. He was barely in the house before hearing the loud crash! And so too does his journey continue.

Guilt settles in...

I was reading through my friend's almost daily posting on her blog and then I decided to visit other blogs that she enjoyed and subscribed to. Oh no! Mine was listed and I haven't posted in over a year. Well, maybe it took shame to get me started, for real this time.

There will be too much to catch up on since my last post so let's continue the journey from here together.

I'll include a quick look at my garden with more later...