Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The journey continues!

Hmmmm.... seems that I had forgotten I created a blog here. I knew I had one but couldn't remember where I acquired it through. I could blame it on age, busyness but it's probably more a lack of awareness and keeping notes on what I did in the first place!

I will not attempt to 'catch up' the past months but will consider it
all part of the journey. Some of it meandered, some of it was filled with lots of hard work, but all of it was filled with the joy of the Lord. It included a city-wide bicycle give away, lots of snow to shovel, a little construction and now the beckoning of spring.

As I was deciding to add photos, I decided I really was busy during my absence! And this is but a small sample!

The Big Give -about 150 bikes provided to kids in the community

I decided to add additional vegetable garden space and have it all planted and ready for the warm sunshine to come around. We've received a few glimmers and then it slips back into a taste of winter. I am confident, however, that He will cause the seasons to turn at the appropriate time and that I need not be anxious.

Progressive Dinner -
Main course at my house