Tuesday, April 17, 2012


So posting is obviously not my strong suit.... and I have lacked commitment to complete it in the past days, months - okay years! I have, however, been recently challenged to journal. This will be a good way to journal at least a little. So, I'll keep it light but take you along on the journey!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Safe at Home

One of my neighbors stopped by this evening and asked if he could help himself to the wood chips in my front yard. Anxious to have someone help take them off my hands I even offered to help wheel them down the street.

So why the pile of wood chips? My favorite maple tree in the front of my house fell during a wind storm a couple of weeks ago. I had the rest taken out and only a pile of wood chips now remains. I've spread them in the flower beds, in part of the garden out back, refilled the big hole that had been left with some dirt and now looking for creative uses for the rest.

My before view

The aftermath - before cutting the rest of it down and starting cleanup

The view from my front window now

And as friends have said, such 'wonderful curb appeal now.'

And now for the rest of the story.....

My neighbor who stopped to asked for the wood chips had passed under my 40' maple tree about 2 minutes before it fell. He was barely in the house before hearing the loud crash! And so too does his journey continue.

Guilt settles in...

I was reading through my friend's almost daily posting on her blog and then I decided to visit other blogs that she enjoyed and subscribed to. Oh no! Mine was listed and I haven't posted in over a year. Well, maybe it took shame to get me started, for real this time.

There will be too much to catch up on since my last post so let's continue the journey from here together.

I'll include a quick look at my garden with more later...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The journey continues!

Hmmmm.... seems that I had forgotten I created a blog here. I knew I had one but couldn't remember where I acquired it through. I could blame it on age, busyness but it's probably more a lack of awareness and keeping notes on what I did in the first place!

I will not attempt to 'catch up' the past months but will consider it
all part of the journey. Some of it meandered, some of it was filled with lots of hard work, but all of it was filled with the joy of the Lord. It included a city-wide bicycle give away, lots of snow to shovel, a little construction and now the beckoning of spring.

As I was deciding to add photos, I decided I really was busy during my absence! And this is but a small sample!

The Big Give -about 150 bikes provided to kids in the community

I decided to add additional vegetable garden space and have it all planted and ready for the warm sunshine to come around. We've received a few glimmers and then it slips back into a taste of winter. I am confident, however, that He will cause the seasons to turn at the appropriate time and that I need not be anxious.

Progressive Dinner -
Main course at my house

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Full circle

Ah.... the journey seems to have slowed down in the past couple of days. It might be the weariness of my recent vacation settling in and making it impossible to move at the pace that I was before. I got right back on the bike, however, and have been around town in the past couple of days. I did break down and use the vehicle today and had not a shred of guilt. We'll see how I weather tomorrow given a full day at work and then off to the YMCA. My first trip back to the "Y" since before vacation. I'm sure it will be a slow pedal home.

We had an incredible time in church this morning where the past, present and future were recognized. God spent both services ministering to people and joining together the generations. The people who were present when the church was founded over 10 years ago were honored during the first service and then we had new members accepted during the second service and a few baptisms were also thrown in. It's great to see how God is building.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Hmmm... where to start. I picked the "Journey Home" because no matter where I travel or stay, it's all included on the journey home. Whether I'm staying at my place and not heading out anywhere my focus is still about "The Journey Home." Of course, there is the home here on earth and often I will write about that but there is also a bigger journey for which I prepare. I hope my many experiences prepare me for the ultimate journey home and that I never lose sight of my real reason for being.

I just completed a journey back to my home town. What a gathering and celebration we had. The community turned 125 years old and hosted an all school reunion and large coummity celebration. I just arrived back by train and am still recovering! More later....